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Mambo in dutch Chip magazine

The dutch computer magazine Chip has an eight pages long article about Mambo in their actual edition. The tutorial shows...

Powerfull TinyMCE4Mambo editor released

Meint Post has released a new version of the TinyMCE editor bot for Mambo 4.5.1 today. His TinyMCE4Mambo comes with...

Minimal template for Mambo

Alex Sancho has released a new template for Mambo 4.5.1 today. The template is called Minimal and it is an...

MamboForge Project News
MamboForge Project News Highlights
MOS Textile 1.0 & MOS Markdown 1.0 Mambots Released

Both MOS Textile and MOS Markdown are content mambots that allow plain text content to be displayed in full XHTML glory using a very simple markup language. Both Textile and Markdown are mature markup syntax's that have been around for many years and are extensively used in blogging tools. Both of these version now employ SmartyPants to create proper curly quotes, ellipses, and hyphens.

mod_mambolance released

This module gives a Mambolance member a way to gain 50% affiliate commission by either placing a list of projects or a banner/button on their website. Highly configurable through parameters in Mambo backend. Could easily be hacked to read/format/sort csv files from other sites. (4.5.1 only)

mysqli4mambo replaced by adodb4mambo

As requests for numerous databases are piling up, it makes sense to create a drop-in package that takes care of database abstraction for Mambo. adodb4mambo makes it possible for you to use whatever database is supported by ADOdb (which is many). Included will be patches for the installation to allow you to select the database of your choice, as well as a replaced database class for platform-neutral database access from within Mambo. As this includes support for MySQL's mysqli interface for 4.1 databases, this project (mysqli4mambo) will be abandoned to focus on the ADOdb implementation.

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TinyMCE4Mambo для 4.5.1 (6)
Installation Manual для 4.5.1 (3)
Developers Manual для 4.5.1 (10)
Administration Manual для 4.5.1 (9)
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