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Major security hole detected

Yesterday evening a large security hole was discovered in Mambo. Abusing global variables a possible attacker can get admin access...

ZDNet News module available

Oliver Bischof has released a new module for Mambo 4.5.1 called ZDNet News. The module allows you to display actual...

MOS-Chat 1.5 announced

Peter Saitz has announced the features for the upcoming version 1.5 of MOS Chat today. Besides some bugfixes, the following...

MamboForge Project News
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Art*Links 10 b1 - first release

Art*Links is a categorised Linklist for Mambo 4.5.x - It enables yout to give some more Informations for your guests on the links you display. Watch the script working at http://duswald.de to see how it works. Freature: - Display Links in categorys - Supply Screenshoots of the Link - supply many informations on the Link - Destination like, email, Contactname, Adress etc.. - Costomize the look and display of your Link Category. - Show newest x numbers Links at top of the CMT Just let me know how it works, and if you have any more wishes to this component.

A Good Place to Start

Let me start with providing you with a brief outline of where this project is headed. I do plan to work through them in order, so stay tuned. Introduction A short preamble and prep talk on hacking your way through the things you don't know and how to find the help you need when you need it the most. Chapter One HTML Boot Camp – A refresher (for some) or a crash course (for others) on the basics of HTML. Chapter Two CSS Boot Camp – Everyone learning CSS has to start somewhere. I'll take you right to the beginning and end up at a place where the syntax of CSS no longer looks like protoindoeuropean cave drawings. Chapter Three Shorthand – I'll be distributing heavily commented templates of two different varieties (one fixed width, one variable width). Neither will be suitable for a “live-site” scenario, but they will give you a guided walk through of what all the elements of the CSS and HTML are doing. Chapter Four Graphic Design – I'll walk you through the basics of using GIMP 2 (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) for creating and editing images for your site. Chapter Five The Color Wheel – You only thought you knew color... Chapter Six Cross Browser Compatibility – Little did you know, but your design doesn't look like that on everyone's computer. Chapter Seven The Basics of PHP – Just so you don't inadvertently blow the engine of the site. Chapter Eight Putting it All Together – A few final words on more abstract things like web design concepts. A few do's and dont's. One or two paragraphs on the philosophy of what makes a “good” site. That kind of thing. Chapter Nine (Optional) LAMP – (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) - I'm still debating if I should write this chapter. It would cover a few things about file permissions and configuring the root of your server.

Проект стартовано

Проект MOS451UKR стартовано! Зараз ведеться робота по оптимізації Фронт'а та перекладу MMLi-1.3.0

russian_phpshop_1.2.zip (15)
HTMLArea3 XTD v1.1 RC1 для 4.5.1 (19)
MyPMSII + Russian для 4.5 (17)
MOSMedia Lite для 4.5.1 (31)
WysiwygPro 2.2.3 (7)
Написал Андрей Дацо   
Serv-U является мощным, гибким и легким в установке FTP сервером для всех платформ Windows. Функции безопасности обеспечиваются паролями и установкой прав на запись-чтение-изменение для каталогов и файлов для каждого пользователя, а также контролем доступа по IP-адресам.  К другим особенностям относится поддержка одновременной работы нескольких пользователей, установка коэффициентов для upload/download, установка дисковых квот, поддержка возобновления приема-передачи, поддержка SSL для обеспечения безопасных соединений, мониторинг работы пользователей в реальном времени и ведения логов. Программу и русификацию с патчем, можно забрать из файлового архива.
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