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MamboForge back online

The official development website MamboForge is back online today. The home of Mambo's and hundreds of Mambo related developments went...

jSectionAuth hack for Mambo 451

jd has released a new hack for Mambo 4.5.1 today called jSectionAuth. If you use Mambo for an Intranet and...

Mambo offered at eBay

Today it came to my attention that a german company called Capuno Software has offered Mambo on eBay. People could...

MamboForge Project News
MamboForge Project News Highlights
MGFi - Mambo German Full installer update

2005.01.24 - update to fix bug with older PHP.Versions

Bookmarks v2.5_4c (beta) - Bug Fix release

Here is finally the release that fixes some issues discovered in v2.5_4b... Fixed the Import/export Bookmarks issues, fixed the XML install file not using dpprefix correctly, added some enhancements for front-end display (new mode and better control on how to display the "Description" field ! ==> Recommended upgrade ! DJesus

zOOm Media Gallery v2.5 Beta

Dear everyone, Hereby I want to announce the Mamboforge.net release of zOOm Media Gallery version 2.5Beta. Currently, the projects lacks a decent changes history, but there are so many, that many of you would get bored reading it anyway :-P Please note: I made as much effort as possible to remove bugs from this beta, but they're still there no doubt! So, please bear in mind that this is a beta release! A second Beta will be released ASAP... In the meanwhile, have fun using zOOm! Kind regards, Mike de Boer. ----- http://zoom.ummagumma.nl lead developer of zOOm Media Gallery

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