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Major security hole detected

Yesterday evening a large security hole was discovered in Mambo. Abusing global variables a possible attacker can get admin access...

ZDNet News module available

Oliver Bischof has released a new module for Mambo 4.5.1 called ZDNet News. The module allows you to display actual...

MOS-Chat 1.5 announced

Peter Saitz has announced the features for the upcoming version 1.5 of MOS Chat today. Besides some bugfixes, the following...

MamboForge Project News
MamboForge Project News Highlights
Translation of Glossary 1.5 for the Portuguese from Brazil

The community mambobrasil.org translated the component glossary 1.5 for the Portuguese from Brazil. That translation was made with the help of Marcos S. of Silva. The link, in the mamboforge.net, to do the download of Glorrary in Portuguese from Brazil is: http://mamboforge.net/frs/download.php/3859/Glossariopt_br.zip

MMLi - new release published!

Update for german users (german sql.files fixed)

MGFi - Mambo German Full installer update

Caused by a SQL-Error on systems with MySQL > 4.3.1x, we've published an update which fixes those errors.

russian_phpshop_1.2.zip (15)
HTMLArea3 XTD v1.1 RC1 для 4.5.1 (19)
MyPMSII + Russian для 4.5 (17)
MOSMedia Lite для 4.5.1 (31)
WysiwygPro 2.2.3 (7)
Dido (No Angel)
Написал Андрей Дацо   
1.Here With Me 
3.Do not Think of Me
4.My Lover is Gone
5.All You Want
6.Thank You
7.Honestly OK
10.Im No Angel
11.My Life
12.Take My Hand 


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