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ZDNet News module available

Oliver Bischof has released a new module for Mambo 4.5.1 called ZDNet News. The module allows you to display actual...

MOS-Chat 1.5 announced

Peter Saitz has announced the features for the upcoming version 1.5 of MOS Chat today. Besides some bugfixes, the following...

Greenmango template released

Will Buckingham has released a new template for Mambo 4.5.1 today. Greenmango, which is the name of the template is...

MamboForge Project News
MamboForge Project News Highlights
Mambo and Miro Reunite

Mambo and Miro Venture Brings Serious Muscle to Content Management System The world's fastest-growing Open Source online publishing system, Mambo, has strengthened its ties with Miro International, the founder of Mambo technology. The joint venture is an Open Source milestone by aligning the creativity of Mambo project and the significant resources of Miro to further mature the online publishing software by providing resources including; training, support and developer certification. Read more at http://mamboserver.com/The_News/News/Mambo_and_Miro_Reunite/]www.mamboserver.com Please post and comments or questions you have at http://forum.mamboserver.com/forumdisplay.php?f=112

Shoutit v.1.3.1 danish language file

In the Danish Translation Project Thomas Maarup has supplied the danish translation of Shout It v.1.3.1

HTMLArea3 XTD v1.1 RC1 released

Today, after some delay, I have released version 1.1 RC1 of HTMLArea3 XTD for Mambo 4.5.1. This release comes with loads of bugfixes and improvements, see the below changelog for details. Please visit the forums on http://www.novocaine.de/ for support. Thanks! Changelog for HTMLArea3 XTD v1.1 RC1, Release Date 2005/01/30: + Added connector for Mambots editors-xtd buttons + Added preview function + Added option to switch off CSS live preview in editor + Added font Trebuchet MS to font drop down + Added function that shows actual font, size and format # Fixed countless bugs in htmlarea_xtd.js # Fixed language bug in FileManager (chosen language is recognized now) # Fixed call for wrong filename in fullscreen.html # Fixed short open tags in all PHP files # Fixed ImageManager error that occured when trying to upload an image # Fixed ImageManager error that occured when trying to delete an image # Fixed FileManager error that occured when trying to upload a file # Fixed FileManager error that occured when trying to delete a file # Fixed FileManager generating absolute path to icons # Fixed language bug in Smilies plugin # Fixed Smilies plugin to generate XHTML valid image tag # Fixed wrong function call bug in ContextMenu plugin ! Rearranged buttons - Removed unnecessary/deprecated code and comments from htmlarea_xtd.js - Removed {mosimage} and {mospagebreak} from toolbar (editors-xtd now) - Decreased file size of htmlarea_xtd.js from 78 kB to 56 kB

HTMLArea3 XTD v1.1 RC1 для 4.5.1 (11)
MyPMSII + Russian для 4.5 (9)
MOSMedia Lite для 4.5.1 (21)
WysiwygPro 2.2.3 (4)
TinyMCE4Mambo для 4.5.1 (23)
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