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VR Corp template released

VR has released a new template for Mambo 4.5.1 today. VR Corp, which is the name of the template, is...

Hot Property Image Slider

Mambosolutions has released a nice addon for Mosets Hot Property today. His Hot Property Image Slider is a hack, which...

Work started on ADOdb integration

Mitch Pirtle, author of the mysqli4mambo hack, has started to convert his project in a ADOdb hack for Mambo today....

MamboForge Project News
MamboForge Project News Highlights
Latvian language installer beta

Latvian language beta now awailable for 4.5.1a. If You wish language files for akocomment, php-shop, oglasi (ADS component) just e-mail me...

Mambo Designer Alpha Released

Mambo Designer is a suite of utilities to automate some of the tasks you would undertake when developing for Mambo. It allows you to edit Component menu items, modify the XML setup file (with some automatation features), export database data and structure. It also includes a builder that assembles the basic (somewhat empty) files for components, languages, mambots, modules and templates.

TinyMCE4Mambo versions 1.1 released

My sincere apologies for anybody encountering conflict situations with the default tinymce installation in Mambo after installing TinyMCE4Mambo. I sometimes lose sight of what is and isn't understandable for somebody not developing software and just wanting to use the software. I'll try to better my life :-) A new version will be released shortly that has taken care of the abovementioned issues. As for the permissions problem it's something that's not entirely tinymce4mambo's fault. Try changing the permissions on the mambots/editor directory to 777 (full read,execute and write) and reinstall tinymce4mambo. Afterwards don't forget to switch back to 755 (no write permissions). Besides these bug fixes the editor now has 3 themes to choose from: Default (most functions), Loose (for all of you craving font pickers etc.. god knows why) and Strict (hardly any functions, hopefully a class and id insertion function will become available shortly). The {mosimage} and functions have been integrated within the editor. Editor width and height are configurable via the mambot menu. Left-to-right and Right-to-left direction are configurable (also via mambots menu).

MyPMSII + Russian для 4.5 (5)
MOSMedia Lite для 4.5.1 (7)
WysiwygPro 2.2.3 (3)
TinyMCE4Mambo для 4.5.1 (19)
Installation Manual для 4.5.1 (3)
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