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Hot Property Image Slider

Mambosolutions has released a nice addon for Mosets Hot Property today. His Hot Property Image Slider is a hack, which...

Work started on ADOdb integration

Mitch Pirtle, author of the mysqli4mambo hack, has started to convert his project in a ADOdb hack for Mambo today....

Mambo in dutch Chip magazine

The dutch computer magazine Chip has an eight pages long article about Mambo in their actual edition. The tutorial shows...

MamboForge Project News
MamboForge Project News Highlights
Bug fixes mod_mambolance

unfortunatly, a bug in mod_mambolance 1.1 made most sitetemplates scramble. this is fixed now. default parameter settings should work with any template.

Latvian language 4.5.1a

Coming soon Latvian language for Mambo 4.5.1a.

Simpleboard 1.0.4 beta2 released

Simpleboard 1.0.4 beta2 has been released. As an extra service we provided a manual upgrade package. Make sure your read the upgrade instructions contained in the zip file thoroughly prior to usage! Use at own risk!

MyPMSII + Russian для 4.5 (0)
MOSMedia Lite для 4.5.1 (4)
WysiwygPro 2.2.3 (2)
TinyMCE4Mambo для 4.5.1 (14)
Installation Manual для 4.5.1 (3)
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